If the epic trailer for Dead Island (released February, 2011) has taught us anything, it is that noone should ever underestimate the power of advertising and music.

The Dead Island Announcement Trailer is a perfect example of advertising out-performing the final product  (which to be honest, I never played – but I heard did get mixed reviews). It’s a pretty incredible trailer, featuring an amazing elegaic piano string piece by Giles Lamb, and some gory juxtaposed action – all playing out in reverse to tell a small but powerful story about a pretty f*@$ed up holiday. But to understand just how good it was, all you have to do is see how many YouTube users rip the music for their own videos.

There are hundreds. Kudos, Giles Lamb. Now ‘Dead Island’ will never die…

I just watched a cute little video (via Kotaku.com) shot inside the Minecraft Engine, using the same piece of music. It’s pretty simple and random, but the music makes it more. Amazing how that happens.