Over the last few months, I’ve received a few requests regarding the use of my music in monetised YouTube channels. So, my response is… Yes.

Yes, you are allowed to use my music in a monetised YouTube channel. I understand that the suits at YouTube regard the use of music in a monetised channel as a commercial use (and rightly so), which violates my prime directive of ‘non-commercial use’ of my music. BUT… I also understand that the majority of you will only receive a modest revenue from monetising your channels – which I think should probably stay with you (although you are most welcome to DONATE something my way!).

If you are required to provide evidence that I allow the use of my music in a monetised channel, please feel free to contact me. I will forward you a letter with your details, to quell the suits.

I hope this helps you guys out. The idea of monetising seems compelling, so I hope this allows a few more people to atleast make a few bucks from what they do.