As promised, here is my orchestral Dragon Age remix – ‘Road to Redemption’, based on the amazing themes by Inon Zur.

I was recently inspired to play with the Dragon Age themes after watching the ‘Dragon Age: Redemption’ live-action web series (, which if you haven’t seen, you really should. The track starts out simple with vocals, percussion and flutes, but ramps up into an epic choral ending.

I had fun with this one, just because the themes are so good – although it is worthy to note that I pulled much of the thematic material from the first game – Dragon Age: Origins, as Dragon Age II doesn’t have too much in the way of themes other than a simple repeated motif. Anyway… I hope you guys enjoy!

Dragon Age: Road to Redemption (NEW!) | DOWNLOAD >>
[audio:sb_roadtoredemption.mp3|titles=Road to Redemption|artists=Scott Buckley]