I’ve been busy – Uni and life take their toll on my free time, and as a side effect I’ve neglected my music for a little while. So I’d like to say ‘thanks for your patience!’, and promise you that the new few months will feature plenty of new music, including a few game remixes, for you all to enjoy and use in your projects.

It’s been a stressful few months, but I got through the semester. I must say, my mid-semester incursion working on the Space Marine trailers didn’t help my load, but I made it nonetheless. And… the best of all is I’m not a bothersome first-year anymore. Here are a few interesting tidbits of scientific nonsense I’ve picked up along the way:

  • Molesting plants causes them to grow shorter and thicker – trees and shrubs that are rubbed or brushed often tend to release hormones that halt primary growth (growing upwards), but maintain secondary growth (growing thicker). Sooo, this kinda mimicks what plants experience in windy environments. They are constantly molested by buffeting winds – hence they are short!
  • Temperature is NOT a measurement of heat – when someone tells you it’s 25 degrees Celsius outside – they are not telling you how hot it is, but in fact, how fast the molecules of gas in the air are moving! So why do high temperatures feel hot? Because molecules in high temperature environments have lots of energy, and when the molecules collide with your skin, the kinetic energy is transferred as heat. So next time, instead of telling your friend it’s 25 degrees Celsius, tell them it’s a rather pleasant 300 metres per second…
  • Toads are the sacrificial lamb of choice for first-year students – many toads died, to bring us this information… about biological systems. You’ve never lived until you’ve cut the still-beating heart of a toad out and weighed it to measure cardiac muscle.

I think there was more, but I’m sure it wasn’t important.

Anyway… more music on the way. Sit tight!