As many of you are working on great projects for film festivals and competitions, it pays to have high quality music to work with. Up until now, you’ve only had access to MP3 versions of my tracks – but for a small price, you can now download premium high-resolution wave files for your projects through my new online store.

As some of my tracks are fairly old, and I’m foolish in regards to my backup schedule, much of my catalogue isn’t available as hi-res downloads… but most of my new tracks, and every new track from here on in will be made available both as a free MP3 and a purchasable wave file download.

There are two ways to find the wave files:

1) Go to Shop > Hi – Res Music Downloads (Or click here >> )

2) Look through the library under the Music menu option. Any tracks that have a hi-res equivalent will have a button to click on.

Why Use a Wave File?

Why buy a wave file when I can download an MP3 for free? Wave files are uncompressed audio – they contain a full representation of a mix, from the highs and lows to the louds and softs, in perfect clarity. MP3 on the other hand is a compressed version, with much of that information stripped out to make the file smaller and easier to distribute.

To many ears (including mine), MP3 is a fairly good representation of the original wave file. But… MP3s begin to show their ugliness in the editing stages, when the lost information begins to create ‘artefacts’, squidgy squelchy noises that sound pretty low rent. This is especially obvious when you start re-rendering the audio into other formats… things never really sound the same. So this is why I think it’s crucial to work with original wave files to ensure nothing nasty happens. Hey, it’s how the pros do it…

Also think of your purchase as a semi-donation – your purchase helps me pay for bandwidth and helps you get a high-res file for your project.

Make a Donation

I’ve also added the function to allow people who have enjoyed using or listening to my music to make a donation, by request mind you. Every little bit helps pay for the web space and bandwidth, and helps to keep me writing more music for the rest of the world.

If anyone has any issues with the shop – feel free to contact me.