Ah… The start of semester always leaves a bit of time here and there to catch up on some web stuff! I’ve made a few changes to the website which you might find interesting.

Music Categories

Firstly, I’ve added new music categories to my music library, so now it should be slightly easier to find something that suits your project. The titles are a bit funny – some are genres, and some are general ‘moods’, but it’s hard to just divide my music into specific genres as they often cross-over a few at a time.

The library is still pretty small – but I have a lot of new tracks in the works, and I hope to bolster the track total over the next few months. I’m hoping for a ‘track a week’ kinda deal, but let’s just see how my semester goes, yeah?

‘Non-Commercial’ Now Includes Film Festivals & Competitions

In other news – I’ve extended the ‘non-commercial’ usage clause in my Creative Commons license to include use in film festivals and competitions – including such festivals that give cash prizes for winning entrants. This is because I know most indie filmmakers need approval for their film music to enter their projects into festivals, and it can be hard (or expensive) to get clearance on many tracks. I also know that a lot of composers are pretty protective of their music – which doesn’t help filmmakers in the slightest. So hopefully, this change enables a few more indie filmmakers to have a crack at eternal glory.

Enjoy and have fun!