A number of new tracks have been added to the scottbuckley.com.au library. By ‘new’, I actually mean old tracks which haven’t found their way to this site yet.

Anyway – the following tracks have been made available for your creative pleasure…

semiquaverUtopia  | DOWNLOAD >>
[audio:sb_utopia.mp3|titles=Utopia|artists=Scott Buckley]

A great orchestral/electronica track, with some vocals by yours truly.

semiquaverAmbush  | DOWNLOAD >>
[audio:sb_ambush.mp3|titles=Ambush|artists=Scott Buckley]

Dark ambient textures descend into four-on-the-floor Matrix-style drums, brass and strings.

semiquaverFading  | DOWNLOAD >>
[audio:sb_fading.mp3|titles=Fading|artists=Scott Buckley]

An eerie ambient string piece – a huge string rise from the basses up to the violins.

semiquaverA Dragon’s Lullabye | DOWNLOAD >>
[audio:sb_dragonslullabye.mp3|titles=A Dragon’s Lullabye|artists=Scott Buckley]

Not at all ‘epic’, this track is dark lullabye with harp and strings – with similarities to Golem’s theme from LOTR.

semiquaverWorld of Magic | DOWNLOAD >>
[audio:sb_worldofmagic.mp3|titles=World of Magic|artists=Scott Buckley]

An old track – previously titled ‘BD Film Demo’ (very original). Classic orchestral RPG-ish moods – a short piece split into 3 sections, a mysterious opening with winds and choral, a majestic middle section, and a slightly up-tempo action section to end.

semiquaverHunted | DOWNLOAD >>
[audio:sb_hunted.mp3|titles=Hunted|artists=Scott Buckley]

An exhilarating full-orchestra track with lots of ‘Bringer of War’ string motifs and brass.

semiquaverAnna’s Theme | DOWNLOAD >>
[audio:sb_annastheme.mp3|titles=Anna’s Theme|artists=Scott Buckley]

A slightly dark, melancholy piano piece with strings and choral elements.