change11When I listened to some CD by a guy named John Williams all those years ago, I didn’t expect to end up here. Really, I’m not sure where here is, but it’s here. Right here, in the Biological Sciences library, studying to become a scientist at the University of Queensland.

That CD I bought off my friend Aaron all those years ago was Star Wars: Episode IV. I memorised the entire two-disc set, and can still hum the whole thing off by heart (noone ever asks me to do it at parties, for some strange reason). That sent me on a huge whirlwind musical excursion, that made me obsessed with all things MIDI and film, and all I wanted to be when I grew up was a film composer. It has seen me to LA and back, and has seen my music used in all sorts of things; from games to feature films, to film trailers and TV advertising.

With the success I’ve had, and the skill’s I’ve acquired, you’d think I’d be pretty determined to continue… to get my name in lights, so to speak.

But no. Music as a job is fraught with danger, my friends; amongst a multitude, the danger of hating music. With a fiery passion.

I was at that point for a while – I couldn’t touch a keyboard without hating what came out. Something like that makes you really think about the reasons why you get involved with music… why you put yourself through the pain of trying to be creative if you hate what you are creating.

So, here I am, typing at the library at uni, studying to become a scientist. No more pressure to write music I hate, or even to write at all.

But I’ve gotta tell ya – I haven’t hated what I’ve been creating lately…



A. Hell yes! This time around though, I’m hoping to make all my music accessible to indy film and game makers – my aim is to make a sort of free production music library for use in non-commercial productions. I want my music used – and I don’t really care by whom or in what, as long as I know about it. I’ve gotta write about something on this site, don’t I?

Stay tuned for some new music coming soon. Quite alot of it, actually… 🙂