oblivion-featureAnyone who has played either ‘Morrowind’ or ‘Oblivion’ will know how fantastic the music is. The guy who wrote that music was Jeremy Soule, and today I’m releasing my version of his most beloved ‘Morrowind’ theme.

I remember the day vividly – I bought Morrowind from EB Games many many years ago, not knowing a thing about the game. I loaded it up, and immediately I am introduced to a theme that is epic, vast, but inspiring – it told me that my character and I come from humble beginnings, but are about to do great things.

This is reflected in the way we jump into the game – as a prisoner set loose on the isle of Vvardenfell, without any linear direction as to what to do next. The world is your oyster. If you have not heard Jeremy’s amazing Morrowind theme, you can listen to it here:

Morrowind Theme (by Jeremy Soule)

Oblivion, the follow-up to Morrowind and the fourth game in the Elder Scrolls series, featured Jeremy Soule’s music once again. A familiar theme reappears here, but this time with more urgency – this time the emperor is dead, and you are swept up into an epic storyline that demands your attention. Here’s the theme…

Oblivion Theme (by Jeremy Soule)

I’ve always wanted to make a remix of this theme, simply because I loved it so much – it feels like such an integral part of me becoming a composer. My version of the theme is rather bold and urgent, similar to the Oblivion take, but more strident like the Morrowind theme – hopefully a happy medium that embraces both. I also introduce a new theme in the middle – my personal theme for the new emperor of Tamriel I guess.

semiquaverThe Elder Scrolls – Rise of an Emperor | DOWNLOAD >>
[audio:sb_riseofanemperor.mp3|titles=The Elder Scrolls – Rise of an Emperor|artists=Scott Buckley]

I hope you enjoy – let me know what you think!