Whilst I currently work on a  project to bring you something new, I thought I’d share something I found on YouTube today; some old projects from my University days, that were lovingly uploaded by their director Scott Walmsley.

Tyger & the Lamb was my first foray into recording a real choir. Albeit, it was only 4 people, but it worked out quite well in the end, thanks to a bit of music production magic. This version of the film is actually a wee shorter than I remember it, but that’s OK…

Dish Pigs is a short documentary on the kitchen staff at the North Burliegh Surf Club on the Gold Coast. Scott W recorded a whole bunch of kitchen noises… cutting, cutlery, plates etc., which I got to make some music out of. Fun fun!

I’ve recently started work on a neat little project – hopefully I will share more news soon. Until then, enjoy!