For those of you who don’t know what Machinima is, it is a film-making medium which utilises computer games to create films.

Martin Falch is at the forefront; his work combines ‘entertainment’ value with excellent story-telling and action,  with sheer technical expertise that makes his characters and the world around them come alive. Martin’s recent film – ‘Divided Soul’ is no exception.

‘Divided Soul’ sees succinct storytelling matched with fantastic action and vibrancy, that makes Martin a stand-out in the machinima genre. PLUS, it uses some of my music :).

It is also worthy to note that  although anyone can make machinima with freely available tools, to make a ‘good’ machinima requires time, dedication and a profound understanding in all the principles of film-making. Appreciate ‘good’ machinima and go check ‘Divided Soul’ out, and explore a genre I want to see and work with much more in the future.

Check it out here –